My daughter was born a month ago. I am a full time homemaker. So I spend 24-7 with my daughter. This is what I learned raising her.

  1. There is no pattern about feeding or make her to sleep. It doesn’t depend on anything, time of the day, recently changed the diaper, type of the silicone nipple, the posture of feeding, the place when feeding. If she wants to sleep she will sleep. If she doesn’t, she won’t. So there is no need to be worry or frustrated about when she will go to sleep. Everything is in her control. Period.
  2. In the first month I felt like she still be a stranger to me. Honestly, there was no connection between us. She just needed the food (milk from my wife) and sleep, and changing a new diaper. That’s all she wants from me. She might need my attention or my hug, but I have to confess that I didn’t feel any of that.
  3. Breast feeding is good. But it’s not the end of the world if you can’t do that. From my experience on the first 3-4 days after our daughter was born we had tried to do breastfeeding but our little one couldn’t eat by that. My wife had changed how she sit, how the baby lay down. We had tried to use a big pillow (that was provided from the hospital) and put the baby on it, but it was still not working. Our daughter lose her weight everyday and we were very frustrated. Finally we decided to stop breastfeeding.
  4. We still feed the baby with the breast-milk. But my wife use a breast-pump to get the milk and we kept those milk in the fridge and feed the baby later. I have to tell you that our quality of life has been better by then. Our daughter could eat. She gained weight after that. Also My wife and I became more happier. Anyway, that was our choice. It depends on your preference. I just want to confirm you that it’s okay if you can’t do the breastfeeding. Making everyone in the family happy is more important that that.