I’ve changed lens from time to time when I travelling. I used kit lens, 18-55mm. Canon STM. I used all-in-one lens 18-250mm. Sigma. And the other one is 50mm. f2.8 Canon fixed lens.

I used to like my all-in-one lens but you may already know that it’s bulky and heavy. Kit lens is lighter but the f-stop is 3.5-5.6 and the widest aperture is just 3.5. So in the night scene it is impossible to get a good picture.

The 50mm lens is not a perfect lens for travelling. As you know it’s because the focal length would be longer than 50mm if you put it in APSC camera. It will be 80mm and it’s very narrow for taking landscape picture, building or even a portrait picture in a small room.

However I found that this limit of this lens changes me about taking picture. I have to walk. I walk to find the angle that I like. I walk to re-composition the photo. I found that this is more fun for me when I want to take a picture. It’s challenging to do things under the limit resource. I can use my imagination and compromising to do it.

I don’t like to carry a camera bag with me when I travel. I like to have only my backpack which is packed with personal stuffs. So I don’t have enough room for lens or flash or else. I want to take a photo of things those I like and that’s it. Absolutely I’m an amateur not a professional photographer at all.

I always look for another wider lens to use with 50mm like 24mm Canon STM. But after I ask myself again if I want to carry extra lens when I travel. The answer is “no”. I don’t want to do that. It’s not my type. So I still stick with this 50mm.

Why 50mm lens? The answer is very easy. It’s cheap. It’s about $100 at the time I bought it several years ago. I don’t want to spend $1,000 for my hobby while my income is only enough for buying a cheap lens.

What is the good things using this lens? The aperture of this lens is soooooooo wide. I can set it like F5.6/90 ISO1600 and still get a picture without blurry issue.

One more thing about this lens that I like is I don’t have to get close to my subject to take a picture. My philosophy of taking photo is Do not disturb anything or anyone. I really hate when some street-photographer take pictures of people with waving hand to them to stop taking their picture, or with a frustrate face. I like taking “street-photography” but using wide lens and get close to people and take their picture is not my style.

Using 50mm lens allows me to stay about 5-10 meters away from the subject and still get the subject and some environment in the picture.

(to be continued)