I’m 40s from Thailand. These are what I’ve learnt from staying in the US.

Tourism, Cultures and Society

  • Rain coat that they provide at Niagara fall are made in Thailand.
  • Farang are not the same. American and European and others are not the same.
  • Texas is big. There are many big towns in this state. Not everyone wear boots walking around. They drive car on streets. They don’t ride horses on the street.
  • New York is not too big but New York city and upstate New York is not the same.
  • When someone said “I live in New York.” It doesn’t mean one lives in New York City. New York state and New York City are totally different.
  • Fish with head is the weird thing to eat. They mostly sell fish that already cut in a supermarket.
  • “Apartment” in the US is totally different from “Apartment” in Thailand. … Absolutely, it’s more luxury.
  • Buying things online is very very and very easy.
  • The delivery guy might leave mails, parcels, boxes in front of your door without any worry.
  • They have zoning in most of areas in a town. There are residence area, business area, etc.
  • If you know that you are from Thailand please prepare to answer this question. Do you do Muay Thai?
  • Just say “hello” is not enough, you need to say “how’re you?” as well. Even though nobody want to know the answer.
  • You might answer “pretty good”, “good”, “I’m doing well”
  • Don’t forget to ask back, it’s a polite way to do.
  • Mc Donald is a cheap food.
  • In different states they have their own laws. Please learn before you move in.
  • Americans society is more conservative than I thought I knew.
  • There are a lot of Vietnamese descendants in the US.
  • NYC is awesome. If you visit US you have to visit NYC.
  • Austin is awesome. If you visit Texas you have to visit Austin.
  • Austin is a hipster town. But I would say Chiang Mai is more hipster town. (in my opinion)
  • Most of business transactions you could do it online.
  • There are some good deals in outlet. Let’s try.


  • You don’t need to worry (a lot) when you’re driving in your lane. Mostly American don’t cut off in front of you.
  • There are much more car brand in the market that you choose.
  • The price compares to the cost of living is cheaper than Thailand.
  • There are “Speed limit” in every road.
  • It’s very slow to drive under speed limit. Comparing to driving in Thailand which the speed limit are not (very) enforcement.
  • GPS makes your lives easier. It’s worth to invest. Choose one that have “lane assist”, it makes your lives much more easier.
  • Driving without a driver licence is a very serious issue. Don’t try to do that.
  • Driving in the US is easier than driving in Thailand.
  • There were only couple car accidents when I drove from NY to TX. It is almost 2000 miles (3000 km).
  • I drive slower in the US than driving in Thailand but it is less tired.


  • Americans (those I know) tends to do everything 100%.
  • Americans (those I know) don’t know to “just play”. They like to compete with everything they do.
  • Also they like to win.
  • However they respect the lose.
  • Americans who I’ve met they follow and respect the rules, laws, and other people’s rights.
  • They like to mow the lawn so much.
  • Also because of doing that they like to use a blower to blow grasses too.
  • Most of the time when Americans know that you are from Thailand the next topic of the conversation would be Thai food.
  • Some Americans still confuse between Thailand and Taiwan.
  • Some don’t even know where the Thailand is.
  • Educated people tends to understand Thai accent more than some people in a very country area. Oh, yes. It’s because they haven’t heard this accent before.
  • Americans easier understand Indian accent (from India) more than Thai accent. Oh, yeah. There are more Indian people than Thai people in the States.
  • They may equally know Burma to Thailand.

Cooperstown, NY

  • The hospital is the biggest place in the town that people work with.
  • There is a gym that’s called Clark sport center.
  • The nearest Asian supermarket is in Utica but the one in Albany is bigger.


  • The road condition in Houston is terrible. Really horrible.
  • The museum of fine art is open for free on Thursday.
  • The medical center area is safe enough to take a walk after 5pm. However use your common sense.
  • There are many public tennis courts in the town. Fleming park and Weir park are my favorites.
  • Houston is a good place to live but it’s not a very good place for a tourist. There are not much too see.
  • There is only one light-rail in Houston. (2014)
  • H-Mart has many good Korean food shop.
  • Viet Hua is a good place to find Thai ingredients.
  • There is a Thai grocery couple miles up from the downtown.
  • Every apartments have their own pool. (I’m pretty sure)
  • The rodeo show is a big event in Houston. Don’t miss it!

Thais in the US

  • Some Thais like to call themselves as “Karen lives in USA” to make them look inferior, immature, and naive to the modern world. It’s annoying me every time I hear it. Surely, it’s racist.

(to be continue)