To be a traveller or to be a tourist.

From my opinion being a tourist is not a bad idea, but it is not an advantageous opportunity to have numerous new experiences.

To be a tourist, we have to set everything in the touring program properly, such as budget, itinerary, time, etc. On the contrary, to be a traveler, we have only a rough plan of the traveling. Everything in that plan is flexible and changeable.

I had a first hand experience once about the difference between being traveller and being tourist. It was when I went to New York City last month. My wife and I had planned for that trip for several months to make everything perfect.

I bought a card from agency that I can use for access to a lot of attractive places in NYC. I researched about the most attractive places that I would not miss, then I made a list of them. I made a schedule that contained everything we had to do, everyplace we had to go in NYC. I had felt quite a bit of stress but I did not realize that.

When we went to NYC, on the first day, we hurried to reach everything on that list that we could, and it was not fun at all. In the end of the day, we went to the hotel tired and we thought we should change our touring style.

The second day of the trip in NYC, we crossed out many places on our list and keep only few of them that we could spend time as long as we needed.

As a result of doing that we had visited just two or three of the attractive places, but it was a quality day of our trip in NYC. We explored the Metropolitan museum and we saw many valuable historic objects. After the enjoyable time in the museum we walked to a lovely cake shop in the upper east side in Manhattan. In that place we ate wonderful cakes and drank sweet smelling coffee. We ended up that day with walking around the MOMA museum for at least three hours. Finally, we went to the hotel tired, but with happiness.

The last day of our trip, we canceled everything on our list and did whatever we wanted without caring about the attractive places. We checked out of the hotel and took a drive around New Jersey and, unexpectedly, we found a big Japanese supermarket which had wonderful food.

We found that to be flexible about the plan is a good way to travel. Driving in the wrong way would not be too bad, because every time we passed the simple local places, we could learn how the people live and we could learn about it.

Travel as a tourist it is more comfortable, without worry, and, sometimes, it is enjoyable. However, travel like a traveler is more adventurous, inspiring, and knowledgeable.