I came from Thailand to live in US for few years, and I am a Thai. Before I come here I had watched a lot of series from US when I was in Thailand for practicing my English ,but “Secret Millionaire” is new for me.

When I was in Thailand I watched some Thai series and it was created only for fun and entertaining. They are about a singing contest or a comedy series. There is no a very touching TV series like this.

After I watched Secret Millionaire I feel Thailand should have a kind of TV series like this. This is going to be a good example for people for sharing, especially for children.

Most of Thai people are Buddhist, and most of them believe in donation to a temple, a monk or religious organization. It is a good thing for them to do that, but society have another side too. There are a lot of people still waiting for help.

When I was a teacher in Thailand, in the rural area in northern of Thailand. I had some chances to meet my student’s families and I found that they were poor not because they were lazy or uneducable. Those disadvantages come to them later, unaccessibleness to resources is the first disadvantage factor for them.

Even they are working hard or studying hard they still do not have a opportunity like people in the big city have. I founded that some of my students had to catch a bus for hours to the city to buy only a text book. Just buying that textbook it cost them for round trip bus ticket, lunch, and that book itself. I think it wastefulness and it is unnecessary to do that.

Sharing for others is an important quality for being a human. We cannot be happy only when we are receivers but we can be truly happy when we are givers too. It is not only money that we can give but also time and our attitude.

I had told my friends in Bangkok about my students. I emailed to tell them about how my students did for their studying and how their families are. I only wait just a few days then my friends told me that they wanted to donate some money to my students.

From my view, donating is not overindulgence if we give them in the suitable way. I believe in educating that having knowledge can help people find the way, so I reassured my student that they should spend every money valuably for their academic activities.

It was hurt from the last week news in Thailand. There was an accident that a small truck which carried hundreds of fish, went off the road, and the fish felt around the car. People around there came to that truck but not for helping the driver. They brought a bag, a box with them and caught the fish back home. It was not a joke. It was real and it was very hurt for me.

I think Thai people do not want only “Thailand’s got talent” or “The Star” or comedy show. I think they need a good series like this too.