After days of disaster in Japan, some of Thai people posted pictures on web boards. The pictures of evacuation of Japanese people, which they were in the line for food distribution, or staying in a queue at the telephone booth.

The picture that I mostly like is the picture of people were sitting and waiting on the steps maybe in the airport. In that picture they sit on the side of the steps and left the middle for walking. I am not sure if it was in Thailand what would it be.

There were discussions around the cyber in several web boards about this issue. In a Thai web board, some people said “Look at the ways Japanese people do. What is going to happen if the disaster occur in Thailand?” Some said it would be a chaos, because Thai people are impatient for waiting, and lacking of self-discipline. However, some said even Thai people are spoiled they still have mercifulness to others.

I am 100% Thai, and I love Thailand. I love Thai people, so I have to say sincerely. I totally agree with some people who said “Thai people have mercifulness to others” but Would it be better if we have more “the rules followship” or more self-discipline.

At first I thought that because Japanese people faced to a terrible time about nuclear bomb. Also Japan were surrendered in the World War 2, so that made them to be a humble and able to follow the rule people. However after I look at other countries which faced extremely horrific time they do not have such manner like Japanese people. As a result I thought this is may not the cause of that manner of Japanese people.

There was a joke spread in internet among Thai people, but it is an ironic story. The story is when the God was building the earth, the God others countries and send them a disaster or a hardship too. However, when the God decided to build Thailand there is no disaster left. The God think again, again and again which one should be a suitable disaster for Thailand. Finally the God realized that Thai people should be “the best disaster” for Thailand. Even though Thailand has a tremendous resources they would not develop, because there are Thai people. How is it? What do you think about this story? Is it hurt? For me it is absolutely hurt.

I am so sure Thai people have potential to do that. I don’t think we cannot change. Anyhow, when?